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Missing/Lost Packages

Lost/Missing Package

Hello! We understand packages do get lost, go missing, or even get stolen sometimes. We want to assure our lovely customers that we are here to help and will make sure our customers are not left empty handed when unfortunate situations like this occur. If you believe your package is lost or has been stolen please follow the following steps.


  1. Tracking information is sometimes updated as “delivered” a few hours or even days earlier than the actual delivery. This happens numerous times so we kindly ask to wait 7 USPS business days to see if the package shows up late. This confusing update occurs because the postal worker sometimes scans the package as delivered while still at the local USPS facility or mail truck/van but doesn’t get to the physical deliver until days later. The other reason this could be a mistake is the package could actually be on its way to us. Sometimes the postal worker updates the package as delivered by mistake and because this update is no longer reversible, the tracking information does not update that it is actually being returned to us. The return could be either because the label damaged during transit, the address was invalid, or the postal worker did not have access to the mail box or did not feel it was secure.

While you wait, we ask if you can possibly ask neighbors if they received the package by mistake or visit your local post office to see if the package could possibly be awaiting pick up.

  1. If by the end of the 7th business day there is no package or update, we kindly as to file a claim with USPS. Once the claim is filed, please email us a screenshot or image of the confirmation emails or numbers of the filed claim. USPS will respond to your claim in 1-3 USPS business days. They will either issue a refund check for the amount of the package or decline the claim and state that they did in fact deliver the package.

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  1. In the case that your claim gets denied, please email us a screenshot of the message USPS sends you. We need to make sure that the claim was in fact denied before we ship a replacement package. For the denied lost package claim, we will ship a replacement package only, no refunds. If you do not feel like it is safe for the package to be delivered to the initial address, please let us know. We can ship it to a new address or ship the package with signature confirmation. With signature confirmation, someone in your household will need to sign for the package in order for the postal worker to leave the package. If no one is able to sign, the postal worker will leave a note where you will be able to pick up the package at your local post office.

Thank you so much for your cooperation! We understand this process can be a nuisance, but we want to make sure that your package was in fact lost or stolen before we ship a replacement. Unfortunately we receive numerous customers who claim lost packages numerous times to receive free clothes for resale purposes or other unethical practices. We want to avoid such intentions which is why the process does involve filing a claim with USPS and waiting a few days. We hope everyone understands our standpoint and cooperates with the process. Once again we apologize for any inconveniences this situation might have caused. We will make sure that no customer pays for something and comes out empty handed. Thank you so much for your support, we hope everyone receives their packages soon!

Kind Regards,

OOTDFash Team!