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***Due to a high volume of emails, please allow 24-72 hours for your email to be responded to. Response time varies. If you have not received a response within 72 hours, please resend message in a different message thread, as this could be due to your message going into our spam folder. Emails are answered in date/time order. No email is ignored. 


Please refrain from sending multiple messages in the same message thread, this will push your message to the very end again and delay response time further. Sending a new message in the same message thread gives you a new later time and date. If you would like to send another message, please do send as a new message so your first message does not lose its spot in line. Thank you! (: 

 *** If this is an urgent matter such as wrong address, incorrect size selection, or anything that is time sensitive, we recommend calling our online customer service line during operating hours. Please call us before your order is shipped to avoid any delays or reship fees. Thank you! 

Online Customer Service Line:

(626) 502-1444


9 am - 5 pm PST

Warehouse pick up hours

10 am - 4 pm


9 am - 1 pm 

Warehouse pick up hours 

10 am - 12:30

*Sunday Online Customer Service Closed